Prenatal Physical Therapy

Ideal for every pregnant mama preparing for vaginal or cesarean birth! 

Whether you are 13 weeks pregnant or 35 weeks pregnant, it is never too late to benefit from prenatal physical therapy. You and your baby deserve an active, confident pregnancy! Many women believe you have to be experiencing issues to go to physical therapy, however that couldn't be further from the truth -- especially during pregnancy!

At your prenatal physical therapy visits, you will be assessed to find out:

  • How your inner core is working (diaphragm, deep abdominals, pelvic floor) & how to train it safely and effectively during pregnancy

  • How to prevent and treat common conditions that occur during pregnancy including: low back pain, pelvic pain, sacroiliac joint pain, urinary incontinence, pubic symphysis or tailbone pain, constipation, urinary frequency/urgency

  • How to prevent and treat various muscle imbalances common during pregnancy and how to improve your posture/alignment to reduce aches/pains

  • How to assess if you have diastasis recti (ab separation) and how to treat it, modify exercises appropriately, etc.

  • How to help prevent or reduce tearing & exercises to open the hips/pelvis and relax the pelvic floor muscles

  • Breathing techniques to use during labor/pushing to decrease stress on the pelvic floor

  • Various birthing positions and how to practice preparing in these positions

  • How you can begin safely reconnecting, retraining, and restoring your core postpartum (The best time to prepare for postpartum recovery is during pregnancy!)

**Your treatment may include various forms of manual therapy (all external) including soft tissue mobilization or gentle joint mobilization, myofascial cupping therapy (depending on trimester & any precautions), and a home exercise program individualized to your specific needs!**


Initial Assessment (60-75 minutes): $125
Single follow-up (60 minutes): $90

Virtual Corrective Exercise Coaching:
*Great for guiding you through an exercise program, modifications, symptom management, & birth preparation education*
Movement Evaluation (60-75 minutes): $90
Corrective Exercise Coaching Follow-up (45-60 minutes): $65

*See Online Services Tab for more info

**After all sessions (in-person or online), you will receive a detailed email highlighting everything we discussed during the session & an exercise program specific to your needs & goals**