Postpartum Physical Therapy

WHY Postpartum Physical Therapy??

During pregnancy and postpartum, a woman's body undergoes significant changes. Your organs are being squished and moved around, your abdominals are being stretched out and weakened, you experience excessive pressure on the pelvic floor, tightness of the back muscles to compensate for the extra weight in front, and so much more. Diastasis recti (a separation of the connective tissue that connects the two sides of the front abdominals) is natural as the baby grows during pregnancy and can often persist postpartum. This can affect the way the deep inner core system is working together and thus, it is important to ensure the deep core muscles have been retrained and strengthened appropriately when returning to exercise postpartum. Also, mom life is hard. Think of all of the repetitive movements you do in a day -- bending over to pick up your newborn and/or toddler, holding baby, rocking baby, reaching for things, picking up toys, lifting the carseat, etc. It is so important to ensure you have a proper foundation postpartum to prevent injuries, urinary leakage, pressure problems, etc. 

Once you have a baby, you are postpartum forever! However, you do not have to feel like you are postpartum forever. It is never too late to be assessed by a physical therapist! We can help improve your movement, decrease pain, heal your core, and stop leaking to help YOU feel like yourself again! 

At your postpartum physical therapy visits, you will be assessed to find out:

  • How your inner core is working (diaphragm, deep abdominals, multifidi, pelvic floor) and how to reconnect and retrain this system effectively

  • How to prevent or treat common conditions that occur postpartum including: low back pain or hip pain, pelvic pain, painful sex, stress urinary incontinence (leaking with cough/sneeze/jump/running), urge urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis recti, other pelvic floor dysfunction

  • If you have diastasis recti (abdominal separation), how to modify workouts accordingly, and how to begin rehabbing & loading your core to facilitate healing

  • How to treat various muscle imbalances that are common during pregnancy that persist postpartum and how to improve posture and alignment to decrease aches and pains

  • Lifting and Baby Wearing/Carrying Mechanics to help protect your body

  • Safe return to exercise program, specific to your needs and goals!

Mama, many symptoms in the postpartum period are COMMON, but are not NORMAL. Seein g a physical therapist can help you ensure you are reconnecting and rehabbing your deepest layers to build a strong foundation. A physical therapist can help you prevent leaking, decrease pain, and help you develop an exercise program specific to your needs and goals! 

Can't find a babysitter?? Bring your little one with you! :)


Initial Assessment (60-75 minutes): $125
Single follow-up (60 minutes): $90

Virtual Corrective Exercise Coaching:
*Great for guiding you through an exercise program, modifications, symptom management, & postpartum education*
Movement Evaluation (60-75 minutes): $90
Corrective Exercise Coaching Follow-up Session (45-60 minutes): $65

*See Online Services Tab for more info

**After all sessions (in-person or online), you will receive a detailed follow-up email highlighting all that we discussed during your session & an exercise program specific to your needs and goals!**