Virtual Services



(60-75 minutes): $90

Discuss goals, concerns, & evaluate how you move! An evaluation helps determine the appropriate, individualized plan for you!


*PRENATAL -- This session will include a discussion of your current pregnancy or any past pregnancies, injury history, activity level, etc. A thorough movement assessment will be performed. Based on these findings, we will determine an appropriate and safe exercise program for you for the remainder of your pregnancy as well as determine any modifications that may be necessary. This session also may include discussion of your birth plan/preferences, labor education, various positions to practice for labor, perineal massage education, and more to set you up for a positive birth experience! 


*POSTPARTUM -- This session will include a discussion of your pregnancy, pre-pregnancy activity level & activity level during pregnancy, labor/birth experience, medical history, etc. A thorough movement assessment will be performed including things such as posture, breathing mechanics, diastasis recti, activation of your deep core and pelvic floor, functional movement assessment, and more. Any areas of pain will be assessed as well as any symptoms such as urinary incontinence, heaviness/pressure in the vagina, etc. Based on these findings, we will determine an appropriate and safe exercise program for you to begin as well as discuss any modifications that may be needed to your current exercise program if you have already started exercise. This session is ideal to schedule ~2-4 weeks postpartum so you can begin rehabbing and retraining your body appropriately. Many women wait until the “green light” from their provider at the 6-week check-up and return right back to the exercise they did during or prior to pregnancy, which often leads to worsening symptoms or injury. It is important that you focus on rehabbing your deep core prior to returning to more intense exercise! 

*If you are months/years postpartum and experiencing symptoms, wanting to begin exercising or a new exercise program, or have never spent time rehabbing your deep core, then this session is still for you!! It is NEVER too late :) 



(45-60 minutes): $65



Learn how to stay active through your pregnancy without discomfort! Learn how to prepare physically and mentally for labor, birth, and the demands of motherhood!



Find strength as your postpartum body heals and recovers! Get a plan to resolve your symptoms, return to fitness, build strength, rehab your core/pelvic floor, and more!


**ALL prenatal and postnatal online sessions include a follow-up email with details about findings from the assessment, prenatal/postnatal education based on our discussion and findings, an exercise program individualized to your needs with videos/instructions for each exercise! This will all be customized to help you achieve your goals! 





*Monthly programming can only be utilized following a Movement Evaluation

Are you unsure of where to start when it comes to exercise during pregnancy?? Not sure when or how to modify exercise as you progress through pregnancy?? Did you know you can prepare for labor and childbirth with exercise??  Do you want to learn how to strengthen your core during pregnancy and prepare your body and pelvic floor for birth?? 

Let's talk about remote workout programming during pregnancy!


-One virtual check-in session per month (30 minutes)

-3-4 workouts programmed per week sent to your inbox & designed specifically to meet your needs/goals

-We can modify or progress your exercise program as needed based on our check-in session

-Exercises with videos will be emailed to you with your program

-Unlimited email and text support

If you have more questions about my services or want to set up a FREE, 15 minute, Discovery phone call, please email me: restore.physicaltherapy614@gmail.com